Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall – One Of The Most Popular Malls In Brazil Offering Loads Of Activities

Roberto Santiago is the proud owner of two of the prime malls in Brazil namely Manaira Shopping Mall situated in the state of Paraiba and Mangabeira Shopping Mall. Roberto Santiago is a successful serial entrepreneur in Brazil and has invested in many different sectors, including entertainment, equity, real estate and more. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall was inaugurated in the year 1989 and was an instant hit in the city because of the modern luxuries and amenities it offered to the public.

Having accumulated good experience with Mangabeira Shopping Mall previously, Roberto Santiago ensured that Manaira Shopping Mall was a notch above and provided the public with world-class facilities and recreational activities to indulge in. The mall is located in the metropolitan city of Joao Pessoa and is built over the area of over 135,000 square meters and has the parking facility of well over 3,100 vehicles. As of now, it is the largest mall in the state and is always getting updated to offer public with something new and entertaining to the consumers.

Intense research was done in the planning of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall and starting from planning to the construction; the entire process took two years for the completion. To provide the urban dwellers in the city with the finest culinary experience, a dedicated gourmet space was launched in 2014 that consisted of restaurants offering different cuisines. One of the best restaurants in this space that first opened its door the public was Capital Steak House that continues to be a favorite among the people.

The mall boasts of many other facilities and activities, including a huge food court offering a broad range of local and international cuisines, spa and salon, kids’ zone, shopping area, 11 movie theaters, fitness center, Game zone, and more. Out of the 11 movie theaters it has, 3 of them are fitted with the advanced 3D imaging technology providing a highly entertaining and immersive cinema watching experience.

Another attractive feature of the Manaira Shopping Mall is Domus Hall, located on the mall’s terrace. It is a multi-purpose auditorium that can stage events, musical concerts, live events, conferences, weddings, birthday and anniversary parties, and much more. It has the space to accommodate close to 8.000 people and is fully equipped with the latest technology to ensure any event can take place in the hall without any issues. Moreover, the representatives of the mall take the feedback from the public and the visitors very seriously and continuously do an internal audit to ensure the services offered are up to the set standards. The mall also has a school and a bank in its premise, which clearly showcases the size of the mall. Read more articles on jornaldaparaiba.com.

A Little Bit About Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech started his adult career graduating from the University of Puerto Rico. There he received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Juris Doctorate degree from law school.

After graduating, Francisco began a career of politics. In 2003, Francisco founded the local Puerto Rico Young Dems Chapter, a non-profit organization that promotes young activists of Puerto Rican descend and their involvement in the US Democratic party. From 2003-2004, Francisco Domenech volunteered in the former Governor Pedro Rossello’s gubernatorial campaign, targeting various research activities and organizing. In 2005, Francisco was appointed as Director for the Office of Puerto Rican Legislative Services, where he provided legal services, translation services, and bill drafting services for legislation to all its members. In 2004-2012 Francisco Domenech led numerous registration drives aimed at possible Puerto Rican voters in the Florida I-4 Corridor. He also worked presidential campaigns in other democratic states these years. Read more about Francisco Domenech on Crunchbase.

During 2008, Francisco shared the chair for Clinton’s presidential campaign while serving as the State Coordinator Deputy of her primary campaign in Puerto Rico. In 2015, he served on the board as a member of the national group Ready for Hillary. He managed fundraisers for the super political action committee (PAC), provided help in organizing Clinton’s first trip to campaign in Puerto Rico, as well as serving as the manager and spokesperson for the primary campaign while in Puerto Rico. Francisco made history in 2016 leading a campaign to elect representative Jennifer Gonzalez as the first woman, and historical the most youthful person to represent Puerto Rico in the US Congress.

Francisco is now a managing partner at Politank, where he plays as an influential role in democratic politics. As his career took off, he managed to still make time for family. Francisco is married, and also a proud father of two daughters.

Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EwMePZqTRQ


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Performs Cheaper, Less Invasive Alternative to Knee Replacement surgery

When Robert Reed, an active athlete for much of his life, developed arthritis in his knee, he thought he would need a knee replacement. Rather than replacing the knee however, doctors performed a newer surgery, called “partial knee resurfacing.” In this surgery, doctors remove and replace the damaged surface of the knee, rather than swapping out the entire joint.

This is accomplished through the use of metal and a high-density medical plastic connecting to the bone. Partial knee resurfacing surgery allows doctors to minimize impact and recovery time, as well as requiring less invasive follow-up surgeries should the knee become injured later in life.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, MD, a specialist in the field and pioneer of minimally invasive knee and hip surgeries such as partial knee resurfacing, says that this surgery is a viable alternative to total knee replacement for nearly seventy percent of patients, including any patient who is experiencing osteoarthritis in only one part of the joint, as opposed to those with rheumatoid arthritis or other, more severe forms of arthritis.

Learn more about this surgery here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OumPq03BHug

This surgery also leaves options for patients who may need to return, allowing for less invasive surgeries later. In the case of a total knee replacement, patients whose knees fail require another costly, invasive knee replacement, rather than relying on existing, healthy bone and tissue to fill in the gaps.

Dr. Kirschenbaum is a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and was trained in hip and knee replacement and reconstructive surgery at the Rothman Institute. He developed instruments for partial knee resurfacing and holds several trademarks in the field. He now resides and practices in White Plains, NY.

Reward and Consequences Can be Useful for Vijay Eswaran

Some people are naturals at being successful businessmen. Others may have to learn a few techniques that can help them push forward to their goals. Among the secrets that Vijay Eswaran has talked about is using a sense of urgency. However, this can actually backfire if this is taken to the extreme. Many people think about negative consequences for if they don’t do something. For instance, a lot of people go to jobs they don’t like in fear of getting fired. This can lead to them losing their homes. People who think only in negative consequences often drag their feet.

One approach that goes well with the sense of urgency is the promise of reward. As a matter of fact, they can go together quite well. For one thing, the promise of reward can offer a desired item. The sense of urgency can actually warn about the loss of the item. One example is that there is an outfit that one wants for himself. If he succeeds at what he is doing, then he is going to be able to get the item. If he does not reach his goals, then he may miss out on the item. There are plenty of other examples.

Vijay Eswaran has used the promise of reward to encourage people to get involved in some of his promotions. One promotion involved people sending positive posts to one another with the reward of sending clean water to those in need. When Vijay Eswaran got started on network marketing, one promise of reward was that he was going to have an extra stream of income. Other potential rewards that he experienced was that he was able to replace his job because his network marketing activities have eventually earned more than his job.

People need to find the right balance for reward and urgency. The balance would depend on many different factors. For instance, people who want to hold on to their families may find that the sense of urgency works better. Those who have very little may be more encouraged by the promise of reward for their goals.

HCR Wealth Advisors Helps You Put the Best Investment Strategy in Place

It is not easy to plan your finances in today’s date when there are hundreds of investment options available starting from equity to bonds and from fixed deposits to a number of unit-linked plans. Whether you are planning to get a considerably sized chunk of money when you are growing old or looking to build a pension fund or want to save for the college fund for your children, some professional financial advice may be needed.

It is what HCR Wealth Advisors can provide you with. It is a wealth management firm trusted by hundreds of clients and was established in the year 1988. The company has so far provided financial planning services to hundreds of its clients in the past three decades. The client retention rate of HCR Wealth Advisors is high, and it is primarily because the company develops long-lasting relationship and bond with the clients.

HCR Wealth Advisors works to ensure that its clients are able to achieve their financial objectives through the advice that they provide to them. For a person who may not have the financial background to manage their finance and investments can be really difficult, but with the help of a financial advisory firm such as HCR Wealth Advisors, it is very much possible. HCR Wealth Advisors has experienced financial professionals working on board to ensure that the clients are able to get friendly and financial and investment planning service that they can rely on. The company considers different financial parameters before chalking out an investment strategy that is personalized to fit the financial requirement and profile of the client.

According to Gazette Day, HCR Wealth Advisors works hard to keep their clients happy by ensuring that their investments are safe. Since the financial market, if very volatile, one has to ensure that their hard-earned money is being invested wisely. HCR Wealth Advisors can help make that decision easier for its clients because they do the research and analysis for their clients and help them develop a financial strategy that can help them achieve their financial goals.

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

American OSI Food Solutions

OSI food solutions is a meat processing company owned privately and based in America. It supplies food internationally with its international headquarters in Illinois. The company was opened back in 1909 as a small meat kiosk by a German immigrant by the name Otto Kolschowsky two years after arriving in the States. Later in 1917 he expanded the business into a wholesale trade and relocated its base to Maywood. The company became famous, which named the Otto and Sons in the year 1928.

The company changed its name to OSI food solutions in 1975 serving as a supplier of the Mc Donald’s and grew in size. In 1999 the company was licensed at an agreement with Best Chicago Meat company to using the glen mark brand. OSI food solutions products are Fish, pork, vegetables, bacon, hot dogs, and principal in poultry products

Career and Employment

The largest belief in OSI group is that their employees drive the company’s success positively. By recognizing this, the companies ensure that the workers are at an environmental friendly operating place and that they are insured. The organization is committed to offer a quality service and hence employ people around the globe who are dedicated to providing an inclusive and diverse workforce.

The company also uses people who seek innovations, share what they believe and possess great passion and vision. OSI food solutions think that every person can make a positive impact if only he or she believes in himself or herself.

Current Achievement

OSI food solutions have expanded globally to other European countries, with this activity it has been able to achieve a total of 47,000 tons of pork, beef, and chicken products. With a Euro investment in Spain, the company has been able to double its chicken products to 24,000 tons from 12,000.

The company has also digitalized its equipment to lower their production cost. The equipment has enabled the organization to reduce its energy consumption by 20% rising their profit. In the year 2018 OSI food solutions have been recognized winning an award of merit at the International Safety awards.

Into Jim Larkin And Michael Lacey Court Cases

If you think that this is the arrest on 6th April was the first arrest of Jim Larkin and Michael Lackey, you are way behind news. In case you did not know Jim and Michael are the co-founders of backpage.com which got shut down recently. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/

They also owned Times New at some point in their newspaper career. In 2007, Jim and Michael were arrested by deputies in the employ of Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio.

This is probably the most known arrest of Jim and Michael. Here, Joe accused them of revealing the top secrets of the grand jury. His primary motive for his accusation was revenge as he had once been featured negatively on the Phoenix Times New. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Unfortunately for Arpaio, Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin won the case which saw them being settled an amount of $3.75 million. Instead of sub-dividing the money and using it for their interests they used the money to form what is well known as the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The fund is non-profitable and seeks to help the deserving Latin-America living within Arizona through monetary donations.

In 2016 again, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were yet again caught on the wrong side of the law. This time around, the accusations were on the first amendment report they had written which closely relates to the recent scandal.

On this year particularly on October the current senator for California who was then California Attorney General Kamala Harris, pressed pimping charges against Lacey, Larkin, and Ferrer. As a result, the three were arrested and held with no option for bond. However, their lawyers struggled to ensure that they can be released through bond. As if lack of bond was not enough Lacey, Ferrer and Larkin were caged in an in-court cell.

They often times appeared before television cameras dressed in orange jumpsuits. Nonetheless, they managed to be released on bond an eventually winning the case on two distinct occasions.

The recent case of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey arrest is, therefore, no surprise. If an assumption is to be made based on the analysis above, then there is a likelihood that the two will be released on bond or win the cases against them.

This is because they have always emerged victorious in their previous cases. Nonetheless, this depends on the ruling that will be made by the judges in the next couple of weeks or even months.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Family & CEO of DAMAC Properties

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is the founder of a residential real estate known as DAMAC Properties. He is a well known and world wide real estate developer. According to the online article “Hussain Sajwani – Family, Family Tree”, He currently serves as the “Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman at DAMAC Properties Co. LLC, Chairman at Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co, Chairman at DAMAC Holding LLC, and Chairman at Al Jazeira Services Co. SAOG.” In the establishing of the residential property, Sajwani saw an advantage when the government began allowing foreigners to claim property in the emirate in the year of 2002. From there he began implementing ideas to embrace the opportunity.

Hussain Sajwani made his first purchased of land in an area that was not quite developed at the time. However, he was determine and motivated by the opportunity. According to the Forbes Profile, “he managed to sell units in his first 38-story residential building in less than six months–before he started construction.” That made Hussain Sajwani a successful real estate developer, but that was not his start. According to the Forbes article he first “started out in the food service business, attracting clients such as the U.S. military and construction giant Bechtel.”

The company DAMAC Properties includes the development of residential, leisure, and commercial properties in Dubai and in the Middle East. DAMAC properties also invests in real estate projects. Speaking of investing in real estate projects, Sujwani has a close relationship with one well known person we all know. Our current U.S. President, Donald Trump. According to Forbes profile, “Damac teamed up with Donald Trump (beginning in 2013, long before he became president) to develop two Trump-branded golf courses. The Trump International Golf Course Dubai opened in February 2017 at Damac’s Akoya residential development, and the Trump World Golf Course, designed by Tiger Woods, is slated to open at a separate Damac development at the end of 2018.” This allows us to know Hussain Sajwani has great development areas for our president to currently have one and another one to be accessible in 2018.

Today, Hussain Sajwani and President Trump are still very close, even with his children having to handle all of his assets due to conflict of interest. The Trump family and Hussain Sajwani family remains in a close relationship. Hussain Sajwani outstanding accomplishments has allowed him to build long-lasting relationships all around the world.

Contact Sajwani on Twitter or Linkedin today.

Find more details here: https://www.albawaba.com/business/pr/damac-needy-children-518106

Jim Toner Reveals Some Tactics He Shares With Business Owners

Jim Toner has been a real estate investor for many years. His success in this field led to him crafting the Creating Wealth 101 System which he has taught around the country. He is also an entrepreneur who has taught business owners how to find much more success by using his methods. He is also a philanthropist who has donated to many causes both local and national in scope.

He recently revealed five tactics that professionals use to make more money. He says it all starts with the philosophy that money you keep and don’t have to pay out to anyone is just as good as any check someone could write you. He calls this “Phantom Income”. An example Jim Toner uses is facing a $10,000 tax bill. If you could use a high level strategy to erase that tax bill what would be really great.

According to Jim Toner, everyone needs to know their tax exposure. He says that when his real estate investment business really started to take off he brought in a very good accountant who knew the ins and outs of the federal tax code like the back of his hand. Once he started getting too big this accountant said that he felt out of his league and directed Jim Toner to another accountant. The new accountant looked over his past few years of taxes and found numerous legal ways to save thousands of dollars.

Entrepreneur Jim Toner also recommends to business owners that they raise their prices. A lot of business owners don’t want to charge what premium products and services really are worth. He says that is just leaving money on the table and not a good way of running a business.

Jim Toner highly recommends outsourcing to business owners. He says that it’s a great idea to get people on your team who can fill in your gaps of knowledge and skills. This leads to great efficiency and the business is run in a more cost effective manner. In his own real estate business he said he spent all of his time looking for deals. He let others handle the other details because finding deals was his specialty. Check out this video documentary involving Jim Toner and John Mulry.

Read Toner’s secret to financial freedom: https://thenewsversion.com/2018/06/jim-toner-shares-secrets-financial-freedom/

Jeff Herman, The Sexual Abuse Victims Advocate

Jeff Herman is an American Trial advocate. Jeff Herman’s specialty is advocating for the rights of sexual abuse victims. For over a decade, Herman has made national headlines exposing sexual predators and the institutions that protect them. In 2013, Jeff Herman was named “Child Advocate of the Year” by KidSafe Foundation during their 4th Annual Fundraiser.


Jeff Herman’s passion for defending sexual abuse victims led to him to create Herman Law. Herman Law not only provides an avenue for sexual abuse victims to obtain lawyers, but Herman Law  is also a blog platform that helps people keep up with news about sexual abuse laws. One such article is about the actor and activist Corey Feldman and Sarah Powers a Volleyball player in the USA team joining to push the Senate Republicans to legislate the Child Victims Act. View More Information Here.


New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators coalition is gaining support in its push to see the Child Victims Act finally passed. However, despite the support the coalition is garnering it still is not enough. Actor and activist Corey Feldman hopes his endorsement efforts of the bill will create attention to the New York Legislation and put pressure on the legislators trying to keep it out of the Senate. This Senate bill will eliminate both the civil and criminal limitations when it comes to child abuse cases in New York. If the law is passed, it will allow a one-year window period for civil action lawsuits that have been time-barred. The bill could allow cases with a year period of up to 50 years to be heard.


The current statute of limitations for such lawsuits allows a legal action for cases with a five-year period. The nature of this lawsuit affects individuals since they have a limited time of a year to sue and three years to file a lawsuit unless they are part of an institution like a school or a church. However, the Child Victims Act is a sigh of relief, especially for Jeff Herman. His dedication to the rights of sexual abuse helps him create a system at Herman Law that enables him to tackle the victim’s case with no delays. The bill will be helpful in ensuring that sexual abuse cases that have gone for long without any legal action will be heard and the perpetrators of the heinous act brought to justice.


See Also: https://www.writerswrite.com/journal/feb00/a-conversation-with-jeff-herman-2002


The Truth about Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks The Truth about Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

The Truth about Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

Freedom checks were established by Matt in 2016 when he stumbled across these investments when working for a renowned financial expert. He worked on a project that allowed him to travel across the world and meet with chief executives of mining and oil companies to be conversant with the latest discoveries, trends, and technologies.

Freedom checks are cash payments that are made to every shareholder of the publicly trades partnerships under the United States state 26. This is not a federal program but a tax-free investment opportunity for everyone. Statute 26-F is a federal law that enables over 550 energy-related companies to send monthly or quarterly checks to investors. These companies are known as master limited partnerships, and they play different roles in the oil and natural gas industries. Learn more about Freedom Checks at dailyreckoning.com.

The MLPs or Master partnerships mainly operate in the production, processing, transportation, and storage of oil and gas. They carry explorations for new gas and oil wells, transport, and refine oil gas from major oil fields in the United States. These firms need to pay out about 90% of their income to their investors. These payouts are what Matt refers to as checks. The monthly and quarterly payments from these MLPs are known as distributions, and they are similar to the customary stock dividends.

Some shareholders can receive about $160,000 quarterly. The impressive returns offered by the Freedom checks have been highlighted by Reuters and Motley Fool. MLPs and their shareholders do not pay any Federal income tax. However, investors usually pay a minimum tax on their capital gains whenever they sell their shares. With these policies in place, Americans can now invest in the energy sector.

Freedom is a clever marketing technique that gets you to purchase a subscription service. You will only make real money when you invest in the MLPs. However, the process of investing is not as simple as just entering your address and name on a website form. With a membership to the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter by Matt Badiali, you will get useful investing information. The report explains on the five MLPs that Matt recommends people to invest in plus a lot of other information to help you make money from freedom checks. Visit: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/real-wealth-strategist/what-are-those-freedom-checks-being-teased-by-matt-badiali/