Attorney, Todd Levine In and Out of the Courtroom

Todd Levine is not your average type of lawyer. Yes, he has the law degree, he has been mentored by the best on the business and he has a zeal that drives him more and more each day, but aside from all this, Todd Levine is a jack of nearly all trades. As Todd was growing up, he did music. He played the guitar for over 8 years, a bit of keyboard and bass. He can also draw, very well.


Todd Levine started a law firm around 2009 with a group of 8 lawyers and him to start a litigation firm that also deals with family law from time to time. They started with a team of a little over 15 lawyers and now they have more than 25 lawyers in their firm. Todd Levine works on real estate litigation cases in the firm most of the time.


In addition to his history in music, Todd Levine has always had a knack for mathematics and science. These critical skills he has have been able to help him in all his cases. In one particular case which was a mediation case, the opposing team presented information to the mediator. This information was going to affect Todd Levine’s case negatively. Todd did not as much as give the evidence a second look before he was able to identify exactly what aspect of that evidence would make him win. Critical thinking at its best.


The team at his firm are not just a group of lawyers, but teachers too. Todd says that the kind of teaching he sees in his own firm is the kind of teaching that made him the successful lawyer he is. However, the funny thing is that Todd Levine studied Finance in Florida in the late 80s before joining the Levine College in Florida to study law graduating by 1991.