Success Academy preparing students for college

Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts was founded in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz.  Success Academy is a free public charter school that is based in New York City. Admission is a lotto based system that randomly selects applicants every April. Admission is open to all children in New York State including children who have special needs and who are English language learners. Success Academy offers education for elementary school, middle school and high school aged students. Every five years charter schools are subject to reviews that decide whether the school will be able to continue operating.  They recently received 17,000 applications for admission but only had 3,017 open seats available. Sucess Academy is comprised of forty one schools across all of the New York boroughs with the exception of Staten Island. They ave fourteen thousand enrolled students. 95% of enrolled students at Suceess Acadmy are minorities and out of those students, 77% are from low income families. 8.5% of their students are currently English languate learners and 15% are special needs.

Recently Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts hosted a College Admissions Case Studies Program. This program was created for scholars who are sophomores and juniors in high school, as well as their families. Participating students were given fake college application forms to complete. These Application packets reflected things that real college administrators would be seeking in future students such as extracurriculars, demographics, grades, recommendations and essays. Admissions representatives from local colleges and universities attended this case studies program to evaluate and discuss the fake applications with the students. The Success Academy team is highly dedicated to providing their students with the vital information they require to obtain a college education.