Alexandre Gama: Career And Awards

Alexandre is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of one of the most popular advertising agencies in Brazil. Here’s more info about his career and awards he has received.


Gama started his advertising career in 1982 at Standart Oglivy, an advertising agency. In 1990, he started working at DM9, where he remained for four years. He has also worked at Young & Rubicam before leaving there in 1999, which is the same year he started Neogama, an advertising agency.


Some of the awards Alexandre has received include the Officer of Agency of the Year award, Officer of Agency of the Year and Entrepreneur & Manager of the Communication Industry of the year award. Neogama received an award at the Cannes International Festival. That award was a Golden Lion, which was given to the agency for a campaign they created.

Those are some of the awards Alexandre Gama has received and that is a brief history of his career.