What Can Be Better Than The RealReal?

Most of us have done a little thrift store shopping back in the day. For fashionistas there are a lot a hidden gems when shopping in secondhand stores. The RealReal has photos displaying all types of name brand items, in artistic settings that look just as beautiful as they would in stores. They have recently posted a photo on their instagram of their new store located in Melrose,CA.

The RealReal make sure to thoroughly inspect each and every item they receive, that’s their specialty. They want to make sure their consumers are getting genuine items and the best bang for their buck. Back in 2014, they made 100 million in sales. They train their employees to study every item in detail to sort out any counterfiet items.

They are also known for their convenient method of retrieving the items from their sellers. They have a special pickup process, where someone will come by and physically get the item. Julie Wainwright is the CEO, she started the company all on her own online, from her home.

She creatively found a niche in the market, to help consumers that have invested a lot of money in high end products to make some money back at the highest resale price possible. That gives sellers a sense of comfort, making them feel as if it was worth the initial investment. Most items are sold in less than 30 days after they are received.

They have a section on their website where employees can show their appreciation and share their thoughts about the company. It gives a sense of security seeing the people that work there appreciate the environment and work they do. Almost, everyone desires to own a luxury item at least once in their life. Julie made it possible for that desire to become a reality.