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Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall are both driven and ambitious people who do not settle for the mediocre side of the music world. They seek to always push themselves and they realize that stopping a pursuit or a passion for just a little could actually mean that someone else is going to take their place. They learned this lesson from the countless role models and heros they have musically looked up to in the past, and they seek to learn from the pain of others rather than experience the lessons of the music business for themselves.

The Chainsmokers is a DJ band who collaborated with various other artists to create organic and unique music tracks for the listening world. Their schedule is actually pretty busy and up to their ears because they work everyday from seven o’clock in the morning to nine o’clock at night. This is a consistent effort for them, and working with other musicians just adds to the workload, but it is all worth the sweet rewards of being able to express oneself and reach others globally on a consistent basis.

The Chainsmokers actually have already been around the globe once or twice in a row, and they do not intend to stop. How Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart met came from both of their drives to be opportunists when it came down to when the doors of success opened themselves. For Andrew Taggert and Alex Pall their drive and motivation became apparent because right at the moment they met they would share verbally their ambitions and passions for doing something no other artist has done before, and they did not become casual about their business because if they were to become casual about their business, their business would become a causality, and that is something both of them are inspired to avoid.

How Fabletics is Disrupting the Fashion Market

The fashion industry has not changed much in the last 100 years. In fact, it has not really ever had any changes to it. Because people were confident with the fashion choices they had in the industry, they didn’t worry about any of the changes that would come along with the new companies being a part of the business. They didn’t want to see these changes and they certainly didn’t want to make anything more difficult for the people who were working with these companies. The idea behind the fashion industry was just to stay complacent.


One company didn’t want that, though. Fabletics, as the Huffington Post recently talked about, does not want to try and stay the same as all the other companies. They want to grow their business but they also want to grow the fashion industry as a whole. They see convenience as something everyone can benefit from so they are going to keep providing a service that is convenient for all of their customers. It will help them make the best decisions and will give them the chance to try their best with the issues they would typically have on their own. It is what sets them apart and makes them the best they can be.


For Fabletics to do this, they have to try their best and have to make things easier on their own. They came up with their own ideas so they can show other people what it’s like to have a great company and to show their customers what it means to have a convenient option for everything they need. While they were doing this, they were also preparing for the future. By using people like Kate Hudson as ambassadors for the business, they were offering a great opportunity for people to follow along with what they had.


The Fabletics idea is to make things easier on their own. They want people to know what they can do to show others the right plan of action they need to take. They also want to make sure everyone gets convenience with the opportunities they have. They have gone to great lengths to create things like the Lifestyle Quiz so people will be able to get the clothes that will be the best for them. Every outfit is chosen to perfectly match what Fabletics is doing for their customers.


There have been other companies that have tried to copy what Fabletics is doing, but none have done it as well as Fabletics. They were the first and they continue to be the best. As they sit at the top of the industry, they are seeing the success that comes with being an industry disruptor. They plan to continue the legacy of success. If they are going to work on different things, they are going to be able to help their customers get the best experience with everything they have to offer. It will give them the motivation to continue pushing toward a more positive future.

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Fabletics: Gaining Customers Through Reviews

Fabletics is an American retail company which was founded in 2013. The company is focusing on the manufacturing and distribution of athletic sports wear for women, and even if they are still new to the industry, Fabletics managed to grow into a multimillion dollar business in such a short period of time. The company was co-founded by several people, including American actress and model Katie Hudson. She is also serving as the current brand ambassador of the company, being the face of Fabletics since its establishment. Katie Hudson believes that the unique approach of their business combined with quality products being sold to their customers is the reason why the business managed to generate $250 million revenue in just five years. Katie Hudson added that another reason why the company succeeded is because of word of mouth advertising.


Word of mouth advertising is considered to be the most powerful form of advertising. According to research, people tens to believe their friends and families whenever they discuss a particular brand. The decision of an individual when purchasing a product depends on the recommendation of someone he or she knows. In the world of marketing, word of mouth advertising is proven to be highly effective, translating to income generation for some successful brands. With Fabletics, what happens is that satisfied customers who managed to do transactions with their website often share their experiences to their friends and families. They are saying how easy it is to use the website, and how awesome the collection of products are. Meanwhile, friends and family members who have heard a positive feedback about the product from Fabletics would then visit their website, and check the products by themselves. If the new customers loved the transaction, they would then refer Fabletics to their own friends and families. This marketing method spreads easily compared to other forms because of the fact that it uses each individual network of friends and families of a particular person.


Fabletics managed to harness the potential of this system by installing a series of review and testimonial spaces on their website. Based on another study by a prominent research center, people who are purchasing goods from the internet tend to look at the product review first. If a product has more positive reviews, people will tend to purchase it. However, if the product is reviewed badly, it could not be sold. The research also revealed that those who are purchasing products online tend to believe the testimonials written on a product, even if it comes from a stranger, because according to the researchers, inside the internet, the voice of a stranger commenting on a product can have a similar effect to a friend or family member giving advise to an individual. Fabletics used the research in order to further their dominance in the online retail industry, and so far, the company is succeeding in their business method. Fabletics is hoping to reach more customers in the future, and they are promising to provide more quality products to their customers, which would benefit everyone.