Doe Deere: The Woman Behind The Magic Of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is someone who has taken her love for makeup and turned it into something that has millions of customers all over the world. She is the founder of Lime Crime, the cult beauty favorite that has taken the makeup industry by storm. But what is it about the brand that truly makes it special and stands out from the rest? It is their unique approach to makeup, the loyal customers who have been with them since the beginning, or is it the drive that Doe Deere posses when it comes to the brand and the makeup they sell.



Doe Deere grew up in Russia and came to America when she was only a teenager. Ever since she was a child, constantly being an incredibly creative person who showcased her creativity in whatever form she could. When she came to the United States, she decided to study fashion design and attended one of the most well-known design schools in New York. During this time, she was also actively performing her music in various locations across the city. Her looks have always been one of the biggest ways in which Doe Deere likes to express herself, which is why she started making her own clothing and makeup.



Doe Deere has always been someone who was a natural entrepreneur. The first venture that she took on was when she was in school, giving temporary tattoos to her classmates. Years down the line, her brand stands as one of the most notable in the makeup industry.



One of the first places that she decided to sell her brand’s products was eBay. She decided to start up an online store, which was one of her first entry into online selling and marketing. She managed to gain a steady amount of customers who would buy the products that she was selling on the site. But even while doing this, her true passion lies in making makeup, which is what eventually led to the formation of Lime Crime.



Lime Crime not only stood out because of the approach to makeup that they took but also in the way they marketed the brand. Lime Crime was one of the first brands to properly make the use of social media to promote their products. When Doe Deere first wanted to bring the makeup to the general public she wondered what would be the ideal route to take. She decided to first try self-promotion and started making videos of herself using the makeup that she made. She started gaining a considerable fan following and people who were watching her would then tune in to buy her products.



Today, Lime Crime still sells their makeup through online mediums, but now makes use of beauty bloggers and social media influencers to bring the products to the people. Using this wide network, the brand has managed to gain millions of customers who are loyal to the brand and stay true to the values that Lime Crime holds.


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Doe Deere Is Building A Makeup Empire

Doe Deere is not your typical CEO, and isn’t your average entrepreneur. She is a woman who has almost single-handed built a makeup empire that has fans all over the world. She built her business from humble beginnings, and now it is one of the most sought-after makeup brands on the market.


Doe Deere always had a knack for business and fashion. As a young girl, she would sell temporary tattoos to her school friends and would experiment with makeup and fashion during sleepovers. She managed to combine the two together, successfully after she moved to the United States from Russia at the age of 19. She joined a punk rock band which allowed her to express her artistic side through music mixed with fashion and business. It gave her the springboard she needed to combine her talents and seek new ways to express herself.


In an effort to have access to the makeup and makeup colors she wanted she realized that she would have to make it herself because finding the right type of makeup was nearly impossible. She eventually began doing video tutorials on how to apply makeup. The videos helped her to become a Youtube celebrity. Her popularity also helped her boost sales of her homemade makeup on her eBay store. She needed a name for the store, so she used the name of her favorite color, lime, with a rhyming word. She chose Lime Crime and the name has stuck ever since.


Lime Crime is now a national name and most young adults know about their cosmetics. They have a wide assortment of eye and lip colors in every shade of the rainbow. In fact, Doe Deere has proclaimed herself as the queen of the unicorns. Her hair is also an expression of her knack for color and style. She is constantly changing the color and style along with an eclectic wardrobe that seems to stem from her fashion whims. She doesn’t believe in playing by the rules when it comes to fashion. She feels you should do whatever feels good to you.


He unconventional attitude is a part of her recipe for success. She was able to build a brand from scratch through e-commerce and has been able to reach people all over the world. Lime Crime is continuously releasing new and exciting products, and have even begun to market hair color. The products are so popular, it is hard to keep them in stock.


Lime Crime is a cruelty-free company that does not believe in testing on animals, their products are also vegan and dermatologist tested. Doe Deere also helps create new products in the lab, and even tests them on herself. The company has all of the factors it needs to succeed in the long run, and a large part of that is the leadership of Doe Deere. Learn more: