How Did Randal Nardone Come To Head One Of The Most Successful Hedge Funds In The World?

Randal Nardone is best known for his role as a founder, principal, director, and CEO of Fortress Investment Group, one of the most successful alternative investment companies in the world. His climb to this influential position was, however, preceded by a series of equally prestigious management posts in different organizations, thanks to his unmatched leadership Skills. Here is a breakdown of the practicing attorney’s climb to head Fortress. Read the article at to know more.

Education and entry into the world of finance

Nardone first graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Biology. But he would soon go after his passion by joining Boston University’s School of Law and pursuing a Juris Doctor degree. Upon admission to the bar, Randal Nardone joined Thatcher Proffit & Wood law firm. A combination of dedication and apt leadership skills saw him elevated and assume a partners position in the firm before leaving to join UBS, a Swiss banking agent.

It was during his tenure here as a managing director that the interest in finance and investment intensified. This saw Randal Nardone leave UBS and join Blackrock Financial Management Inc. as a principal. His big break in the investment world would, however, come in 1998, at the height of the technological boom, when he partnered with four equally experienced finance and investment experts to form Fortress Investment Company.

Career at Fortress

He immediately assumed the position of the company’s Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, and secretary. This put him at the center of almost every critical decision affecting the company. His experience in the investment industry and exemplary leadership skills played a key role in helping the firm burgeon, gain investor confidence and hit close to $70 Billion in Assets under management.

Going public and Softbank acquisition

In 2007, Randal Nardone played an active in the series of brainstorming sessions that saw the investment firm become the first privately traded firm to trade shares on the NYSE. A decade later, while he served as the company CEO, he chaired similar decision-making sessions that saw the company delist from NYSE and agree to an acquisition proposal by Japan-based Softbank. Randal argues that the acquisition only serves to strengthen the investment firm’s base while assuring the investors that the banker will only play an oversight role while the founding team continues to run the investment firm.

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A Little Bit About Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech started his adult career graduating from the University of Puerto Rico. There he received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Juris Doctorate degree from law school.

After graduating, Francisco began a career of politics. In 2003, Francisco founded the local Puerto Rico Young Dems Chapter, a non-profit organization that promotes young activists of Puerto Rican descend and their involvement in the US Democratic party. From 2003-2004, Francisco Domenech volunteered in the former Governor Pedro Rossello’s gubernatorial campaign, targeting various research activities and organizing. In 2005, Francisco was appointed as Director for the Office of Puerto Rican Legislative Services, where he provided legal services, translation services, and bill drafting services for legislation to all its members. In 2004-2012 Francisco Domenech led numerous registration drives aimed at possible Puerto Rican voters in the Florida I-4 Corridor. He also worked presidential campaigns in other democratic states these years. Read more about Francisco Domenech on Crunchbase.

During 2008, Francisco shared the chair for Clinton’s presidential campaign while serving as the State Coordinator Deputy of her primary campaign in Puerto Rico. In 2015, he served on the board as a member of the national group Ready for Hillary. He managed fundraisers for the super political action committee (PAC), provided help in organizing Clinton’s first trip to campaign in Puerto Rico, as well as serving as the manager and spokesperson for the primary campaign while in Puerto Rico. Francisco made history in 2016 leading a campaign to elect representative Jennifer Gonzalez as the first woman, and historical the most youthful person to represent Puerto Rico in the US Congress.

Francisco is now a managing partner at Politank, where he plays as an influential role in democratic politics. As his career took off, he managed to still make time for family. Francisco is married, and also a proud father of two daughters.

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Jeff Herman, The Sexual Abuse Victims Advocate

Jeff Herman is an American Trial advocate. Jeff Herman’s specialty is advocating for the rights of sexual abuse victims. For over a decade, Herman has made national headlines exposing sexual predators and the institutions that protect them. In 2013, Jeff Herman was named “Child Advocate of the Year” by KidSafe Foundation during their 4th Annual Fundraiser.


Jeff Herman’s passion for defending sexual abuse victims led to him to create Herman Law. Herman Law not only provides an avenue for sexual abuse victims to obtain lawyers, but Herman Law  is also a blog platform that helps people keep up with news about sexual abuse laws. One such article is about the actor and activist Corey Feldman and Sarah Powers a Volleyball player in the USA team joining to push the Senate Republicans to legislate the Child Victims Act. View More Information Here.


New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators coalition is gaining support in its push to see the Child Victims Act finally passed. However, despite the support the coalition is garnering it still is not enough. Actor and activist Corey Feldman hopes his endorsement efforts of the bill will create attention to the New York Legislation and put pressure on the legislators trying to keep it out of the Senate. This Senate bill will eliminate both the civil and criminal limitations when it comes to child abuse cases in New York. If the law is passed, it will allow a one-year window period for civil action lawsuits that have been time-barred. The bill could allow cases with a year period of up to 50 years to be heard.


The current statute of limitations for such lawsuits allows a legal action for cases with a five-year period. The nature of this lawsuit affects individuals since they have a limited time of a year to sue and three years to file a lawsuit unless they are part of an institution like a school or a church. However, the Child Victims Act is a sigh of relief, especially for Jeff Herman. His dedication to the rights of sexual abuse helps him create a system at Herman Law that enables him to tackle the victim’s case with no delays. The bill will be helpful in ensuring that sexual abuse cases that have gone for long without any legal action will be heard and the perpetrators of the heinous act brought to justice.


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