Reward and Consequences Can be Useful for Vijay Eswaran

Some people are naturals at being successful businessmen. Others may have to learn a few techniques that can help them push forward to their goals. Among the secrets that Vijay Eswaran has talked about is using a sense of urgency. However, this can actually backfire if this is taken to the extreme. Many people think about negative consequences for if they don’t do something. For instance, a lot of people go to jobs they don’t like in fear of getting fired. This can lead to them losing their homes. People who think only in negative consequences often drag their feet.

One approach that goes well with the sense of urgency is the promise of reward. As a matter of fact, they can go together quite well. For one thing, the promise of reward can offer a desired item. The sense of urgency can actually warn about the loss of the item. One example is that there is an outfit that one wants for himself. If he succeeds at what he is doing, then he is going to be able to get the item. If he does not reach his goals, then he may miss out on the item. There are plenty of other examples.

Vijay Eswaran has used the promise of reward to encourage people to get involved in some of his promotions. One promotion involved people sending positive posts to one another with the reward of sending clean water to those in need. When Vijay Eswaran got started on network marketing, one promise of reward was that he was going to have an extra stream of income. Other potential rewards that he experienced was that he was able to replace his job because his network marketing activities have eventually earned more than his job.

People need to find the right balance for reward and urgency. The balance would depend on many different factors. For instance, people who want to hold on to their families may find that the sense of urgency works better. Those who have very little may be more encouraged by the promise of reward for their goals.