How Dr. Villanueva Is Changing The Face Of Dentistry

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for MB2 Dental Solutions. MB2 is a dental practice management company that partners with affiliated dentists who run their own practices. MB2 Dental Solutions provides a service that can take care of all of the things on the business side of running a practice such as human resources, IT, marketing, business development, and several other areas. This allows the dentist to maintain 100% clinical autonomy and concentrate on why they entered the field of dentistry to begin with; to focus on taking care of the dental needs of their patients.
Dr. Villanueva has said that he developed MB2 due to his own experiences running a dental practice. He wanted to combine the best from both sides of the industry; the freedom of a sole-practitioner combined with the increased resources of a corporate dentistry. As a dentist himself he was qualified to know what it takes to give a dentist complete support without compromising their individual integrity. Under his leadership MB2 Dental Solutions has grown to 533 employees and more than 70 affiliated dentistry located in 6 states.
When Dr. Villanueva graduated from dental school he faced the same issue that all dentist do, which was to start his own practice or join a group practice. Both choices come with pros and cons. The pros of your own practice are less bureaucracy, complete autonomy, and ownership of the practice. A larger practice offers benefits such as shared best practices between the member dentists, access to greater resources, and the most advanced technology. MB2 Dental Solutions provides the best of both of these worlds to dentists who operate their own sole practices.
One of the issues that is important to Dr. Villanueva when running his company is to hire the very best people and then stay out of their way. He thinks that micromanaging and being involved in every detail as the CEO of a company will lead to bad results. Instead he trusts the people that he hires to do their best and stay productive. Dr. Villanueva also doesn’t believe in taking himself too seriously and doesn’t think that his ego should get in the way of making good decisions.

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  1. He stays busy himself setting the overall vision and culture of MB2 Dental Solutions and making sure the company stays firmly on the path to success. It is so incredible that au essay do the needful in all these things that may appear as an easy way out for the others.

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