Jeunesse Global Finds That the Riches Really are in the Niches

Jeunesse Global has only been in existence for a little over nine years. But in that time, the company has grown to become a serious competitor to some of the biggest names in the health and beauty industry. The company has expanded to dozens of countries and has its products being sold by tens of thousands of distributors. Not only has the company made tens of millions of dollars for its distributors, but it has also created some of the most revolutionary products of the last ten years in the health and beauty industry.

Founded by legendary entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse was a different kind of company from the start. The firm was founded as a means for the couple to give back to the global community, passing along some of the incredible opportunities that they have been able to capitalize on to those living in areas that are less fortunate.

Both Lewis and Ray were Sinophiles for as long as they could remember. The couple had been doing business in the area of East Asia for decades, and the area had helped many of their businesses to grow into global contenders. Both Ray and Lewis therefore knew of the massive economic opportunities that lay in wait across the region. The communist jackboot had been slowly lifting off the throats of the Chinese and Vietnamese people, creating one of the most powerful eruptions of untapped human capital ever seen, pyroclastically flowing onto the global scene like pure molten gold.

Ray and Lewis jumped at the opportunity this presented, quickly recruiting some of the top direct-marketing distributors throughout the East Asia region to sell the Jeunesse business plan to the Asian people. All involved in the enterprise quickly realized that in order to succeed Jeunesse would need to create products with real appeal that could fill untapped niches within the East Asian market.

This was no problem, as Lewis’ specialty had long been creating some of the best and most lasting products in the health and beauty industry. Within just a few years of its founding, Jeunesse was responsible for some of the top-selling beauty products in Asia.