Securus Technologies’ video visitation prevents crimes and makes time easier

One of the most daunting tasks that any inmate faces, upon being newly incarcerated in one of the nation’s prisons, is how to properly adjust to prison life. Inmates call it programming. It’s the way in which inmates choose to do their time, weather heading on the straight-and-narrow or choosing to clique up and join a gang, continuing to perpetrate crimes and live a criminal lifestyle while incarcerated. The latter choice is almost always a bad one, leaving inmates possibly doing more time and even at risk of being assaulted or killed by rival gang members.


One company, Securus Technologies, is doing all it can to introduce technologies that prevent inmates for making the wrong choice while incarcerated. One of its products, its video visitation technology, is making inmates’ lives much easier to live behind bars. Securus’ video visitation services allow inmates to stay in nearly constant touch with her family members on the outside, allowing them to maintain critical relationships they would not have otherwise been able to enjoy. This provides many inmates with a sense of purpose and allows them to get through their days, giving them the strength to resist the ever-present temptations of making the wrong choices that will lead them to doing hard time.


But inmates are not the only beneficiaries of this fantastic new technology from Securus. Inmates’ families, themselves, are often the once who most benefit from the ability to stay in touch with your incarcerated loved one, doing so at rates that are as low as those they pay for their standard phone service in civilian life.


Many studies have also shown that the ability of inmates to stay in constant touch with family members on the outside and maintain positive pro-social relationships has a positive effect on inmates’ ability to make it on the outside.


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