Zeco Auriemo and how he fulfilled his vision for JHSF

Jose Auriemo Neto, known to his family and as Zeco Auriemo was born to a businessman of a father who was running a real estate development company which was launched as a construction company in the year 1972. His father started grooming him to take over the business while he was still a teenager. At the age of thirteen, Jose Auriemo Neto or rather, Zeco Auriemo started working for his father’s company as an intern. When he reached the age of going to the University, contrary to many peoples advice, he took on an engineering course hoping that he could start his own career path that was independent of his family and his family business. However, things did not go as planned, while still in the University, he kept working at his father’s company and by the time he was graduating he had already developed a passion for the business making him choose to remain in the legacy even after getting his engineering degree.


Zeco Auriemo as the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF

Zeco Auriemo took over JHSF at a time when the company was already famous for the role it played in the revolution of malls in Brazil and the impeccable mall development projects it had completes. At this time, Zeco was 27 years old. He decided that this was not the end goal of the company, against the advice of many people in the industry; Zeco took on the Parquet Cidade Jardim project. This was a project that involved a development of multifunctional buildings on eight thousand square feet of land located in the Marginal; Pinheiro’s region in Brazil. Auriemo proved many wrongs when he successfully the project in the early 2000s. he builds a luxury shopping mall with more than a hundred stores, commercial and residential buildings, academies and several other buildings. This was the beginning of the new face of JHSF which currently does all, sorts of developments within and beyond the State of Brazil, visit https://glamurama.uol.com.br/galeria/principe-albert-de-monaco-em-jantar-chez-mariana-e-zeco-auriemo/.